Purifying shampoo with jujube bark extract, 250ml

$36.75 $49

Daily purifying shampoo, enriched with a new 100% of natural origin active ingredient. Derived from jujube bark, it permanently eliminates dandruff, regulates excess of sebum and calms itchiness.

Please note that the Purifying shampoo’s colour can vary from yellow amber to a darker amber tone. This variation is due to a natural ingredient in the formulation which is prone to changing colour. This does not alter the quality of the product whatsoever.

We have this fresh scented shampoo on rotation with the epic Cleansing Purifying scrub with sea salt for the ultimately weekly scalp reset. 

Paraben, silicone, SLS free

Directions for use:

Apply on wet hair, emulsify then rinse abundantly. Alternate with the cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt once a week. Follow with the Detangling gelee with sea minerals.   

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