Think back to the '90's.

Apart from rave, brick sized mobile phones and global hyper colour t-shirts, one of the defining memories of the time was the reign of the original Supermodels.

The 'supes were icons; glamorous Amazonian women with glorious hair, eye watering day rates and infinite confidence who captured the world's attention. This was Christophe Robin's realm too, and his work was to create the chameleon coloured locks of these girls for their editorials, appearances and campaigns. This task led to the birth of his eponymous haircare line in 1999, created using ancestral and rare, natural ingredients inspired by his mothers garden in Brittany and sourced through his travels around the world. 

Without resorting to silicones and SLS, Christophe's detergent-free formulas used these active ingredients from nature to: 

- deeply nourish, protect and strengthen hair from root to tip 

- care for the scalp 

- maintain vibrant colour  

Using rare prickly pear seed oil, sea salt, Moroccan Rassoul clay, Tahitian sea algae, buriti oil, centrifolia rose extract, lemon as the natural stars of his avant-garde formulas, Christophe has built his range through experience and impeccable results. 

Most recently, Christophe launched his first ever styling products.

No Frizz milk with shea butter

Luscious curl cream with flaxseed oil 

The two products are typically disruptive in their approach to styling, coming from a place of care first and foremost with style as a natural result. Tackling frizzy, curly hair demands a knowledge of what sets these particular hair types apart. The hair follicles need smoothing and nourishing to coax it into shape, and Christophe's formula call on mother nature to provide the solution. 

- Moringa Extract, a natural heat protectant up to 210º 

- Flaxseed oil, a super seed that nourishes curly hair with essential fatty acids 

- Shea butter, a deeply nurturing emollient to smooth and soothe frizzy hair. 

Without alcohol, silicones or fragrance, these lightweight products can be layered into hair damp or dry throughout the day to create stress free blow-dries, long-lasting style and elegant definition. 

Discover the range here. 



I’ve only had time to do one blowout with this brush but results were phenomenal. Hair was soft and shiny, and the brush is incredibly light so no arm fatigue. Loved it!!

Review by Jennifer B. on 15 Mar 2021