Our Picks - Karina Parry

Clean and minimal beauty is the call of the day for Karina Parry, our low-maintenance comms manager. Working with a refined rotation of products, Karina's priority is efficiency and high quality. Less is best!  

Les Huilettes mon huilettes cleanse 

I'm totally hooked on the smell of this beautiful cleansing oil. The blend of aromatic essential oils with cold pressed coconut and jojoba oil extracts is both silky, effective and indulgent all at once. 

Christophe Robin detangling gelee with sea minerals 

It took me a while to get my head around the jelly-like texture of this product. It doesn't feel like a 'normal' conditioner at all and it kind of foams up when you use it. Typically Christophe in that it challenges all our preconceptions around what hair care should be! But the proof is in the results, and this gel detangles my fine hair, strengthens it and is lightweight enough to use several times a week. 

beauty dept hydrate pads 

I'm lazy but green! These new pads from make up queen Nadine Monley have answered all my late night, too-lazy-to-take-my-make-up-off prayers. Infused with a fragrant, yet potent blend of essential oils, these little godsends whip off make up in a flash but won't be adding to our scarily huge waste mountain of cosmetic wipes as they are bio-degradable. No dodgy label glues, recyclable packaging, not tested on animals or impregnated with any nastiness, these are my guilt-free go-to. 



I’ve only had time to do one blowout with this brush but results were phenomenal. Hair was soft and shiny, and the brush is incredibly light so no arm fatigue. Loved it!!

Review by Jennifer B. on 15 Mar 2021