The Right Hair Styling Tools - A New Era of Styling

We were lucky enough to attend @moniquemcmahoncolour and US hairdresser @braggnbeauty’s New Era workshop recently, a two day extravaganza of trending hair colour and viral styling set against Sydney’s sparkling harbourside at Bangarra Dance Theatre. With 9 models across 48 hours, the level of skill these powerhouses showed and shared was next level. 

Here is what we learned about the New Era of hair styling; directly from Monique McMahon. 

Not All Hair Styling Tools are Created Equal 

“When we talk styling tools, it’s a whole universe of hair styling products that we’re referencing - not just brushes, combs and blow dryers. Just as important are the products that we reach for as stylists. These are the tools of our trade, so not only do they need to perform at a professional level, but the brands we choose have to align with our personal brands and appeal to our clientele. We’re in a new era of brand partnerships, where authenticity is as important as performance.”

Monique McMahon, director - Que Colour 

Brands Monique chooses to align with: 

  • Wella Professional for colour - this team is like family to me.  
    • Christophe Robin Paris for exceptional care - Christophe’s understanding of colour care is second to none, he’s a close friend and his range is incredible. 
    • Larry King Haircare for styling - cool, clean, minimal products that are beautiful to work with. 
    • Ibiza Hair Tools for creating my signature blow dry looks - love these so much, I got the Australian distribution rights for the range! 
    • Ghd for my electricals -  hello, Helios! This hairdryer is a game changer. 

    Why These Hair Styling Tools Stand Out 

    Great colour and styling starts with establishing a healthy base for your hair. One of the reasons I created New Era was as a celebration of healthy hair,  healthy colour because this is where it all starts.  The companies, colour, care and styling products I align with have this philosophy close to their heart.  

    For example, neither Christophe Robin and Larry King use any SLS, SLES or silicones in their product formulas. Most of the products are vegan and recyclable.There are no aerosols in their styling range.. Larry offers refills for his shampoo and conditioner products to minimise packaging. It goes without saying that all our partners are compliant with the modern slavery act. 

    The consideration around formula ingredients is next level. The care and styling formulas are developed with the health of the hair (and the planet) as the number one priority. This is everything when it comes to creating beautiful, long lasting, healthy colour.

    There are lots of online tools and apps you can use to deep dive into formulas, I use Yuka a lot.  

    Que Colour Styling trends

    Three Key Hair Styling Trends for 2024! 

    The Pin Set Blow Out 

    “Loving this 90’s trend for ultra glam curls, created by twisting and pinning big, glossy waves into the hair to set while you complete the full head. Expect to see a lot more of it over the next few months”  

    3 Steps to Creating This Look at Home 

    Let's walk you through how to make “The Pin Set Blow-out” look at home with the tools you already own in 3 simple steps.

    Step 1

    Use a series of different size round, boar bristle blow dry brushes like Ibiza’s B Series like rollers to section your curls while you complete the rest of your hair. Alternatively, pin your curl ‘doughnuts’ close to the head with a bobby pin (or use velcro rollers) 

    Step 2

    Leave them to set while you do your make up, watch your favourite show…. 

    Step 3

    Gently remove the brushes, before brushing out the curls with a big paddle brush like Ibiza’s Gold Brush and defining your waves by popping in a tiny amount of Larry King’s A Social Life for your Hair. 


    The result is a head of voluminous, ultra healthy looking 90’s waves a la Claudia Schiffer or Cindy Crawford in their heyday. 

    Watch Mon demo the look here 

    Pro Tip: Larry King’s The Blow Dry Edit or The Curl Edit will be your best friend for this trend. These handpicked duos are the sidekick for any 90’s inspired hairstyle, including a modern version of the OG mousse (use it as a primer to prep damp hair) or curl enhancing cream to nourish and protect all curl types before applying heat. Finish with his cult A Social Life for Your Hair cream to define, smooth and defrizz.  

    larry king blow dry edit set

    Watch Larry King demo his version of the Pin Set on the gorgeous client and muse, Victoria on TikTok by clicking on the image below : 


    When the weather starts to cool down, it’s the perfect time to play with a fringe. Bangs can change your whole look. This season, we’re loving a longer ‘curtain’ length - less commitment if you’re feeling unsure about the commitment, and easy to maintain. 

    The essential styling tools for your new fringe 

    Let’s break down the basic requirements for recreating your salon-fresh fringe at home.  

    Number 1: A fabulous hair brush for styling 

    Monique’s go-to for bang styling is the Ibiza B2 round brush with blonde bristles. It’s the perfect size and really easy to use.  

    Ibiza Hair Tools B2 35mm boar bristle blow dry brush

    Ibiza Hair Tools B2 Blow Dry Brush

    Number 2: A hair primer 

    Priming damp hair with a styling spray or mousse signals that you're serious - it lays down the foundation for your style and creates a similar effect to muscle memory. Roughly blow dry your fringe to 90% then use your round brush to lock in the style you want to create. 

    Larry King My Nannas Mousse

    Larry King My Nanna’s Mousse 

    Number 3: A Finishing Mist 

    Finishing with a fine spray of lightweight styler will lock your look in place. We love Christophe Robin Volumizing mist with rose extracts. 

    Number 4: Water Spray 

    Why? Because who wants to rewash your whole mane, when you can simply mist your third day fringe and re-set with a quick flick of a round brush and a blast of hot air? 

    Watch Cat from QUE cut and style a beautiful curtain fringe for her client. 

    Double Glazed Colour

    Double glazed colour is simply SHINY hair X 10000. This is high wattage, celebrity level, so healthy it hurts SHINE. Monique breaks it down, 

    The Double Glaze is two glossing services back to back. I.e.- a clear gloss over natural hair, a semi-permanent copper colour or demi-permanent copper colour. This is followed by a second gloss (or glaze) at the basin, which gives the hair a shimmering hint of tone to add intense colour reflection and give the hair a filtered look.” 

    You need to head to your salon for this finish, but you can replicate the results with the help of Christophe Robin’s shade variation masks every 1-2 weeks as a deep conditioning colour treatment. Apply these luscious masks on damp hair, from root to tip. Leave for 20-30 mins then rinse thoroughly. The result of this hybrid treatment-toner is silky soft hair that glows with health. No styling required :) 


    Explore MCM Beauty’s range of Ibiza Hair styling brushes and Larry King styling products


    I’ve only had time to do one blowout with this brush but results were phenomenal. Hair was soft and shiny, and the brush is incredibly light so no arm fatigue. Loved it!!

    Review by Jennifer B. on 15 Mar 2021