The Best Ibiza Brushes for Fine Hair, according to our experts

We’re digging deeper into the best Ibiza brushes for fine hair types. Find the right brush - or brushes - and tangly, knotted hair won’t be a struggle anymore. We’ve teamed up with the team from QUE Colour to bring you the best brushes for our fine hair friends, hand-picked from our favourite hairbrush brand ever, Ibiza Hair Tools.  

These are the brushes that won’t make your fine hair seem flatter and are gentle enough to detangle wet or dry hair as well as deliver polished styling results.  

A quick recap on Ibiza Hair Tools to get you up to speed on the who, what, and why behind the brand. 

Ibiza Hair Tools, a cult player in the hair industry, has a rich history dating back to the 1950s when Max Johles, father of the company's founder Aaron Johles, started up the business by selling brushes from the back of his car. After taking over the business, Aaron continued the legacy of offering high-quality hair brushes expanding it with innovative products born from global research trips. Ibiza hair brushes, known for their distinctive blend of boar and nylon bristles and ergonomic, sustainable cork handles, have since gained the admiration of stylists at prestigious salons around the world (including our co-founder @moniquemcmahoncolour) Aaron’s iconic brushes are crafted from eco-friendly Mediterranean cork and a unique blend of boar and heat-resistant carbon fibre bristles from Spain delivering "GripSlip” technology for creating the ultimate blow-dry finish.  

Here’s why we reach for boar bristle brushes over any other: 

  1. Boar bristle is as close as it gets to human hair. The keratin compound is incredibly similar to ours which means it’s less damaging. 
  2. Boar bristles gently stimulate and lift away dirt from the scalp which in turn creates natural volume and encourages hair growth 
  3. Brushing the hair daily with an Ibiza boar bristle hair brush helps distribute natural oils, which in return protect the hair fibre, strengthen, smooth and boost shine. 
  4. Boar bristle brushes offer great tension when blow-drying  
  5. Natural boar bristles effortlessly glide through knots, tangles, flyaways and frizz 

The Best Ibiza Boar Bristle Brushes for fine hair 

Boar bristle brushes are best friends with fine hair as they detangle knots without pulling or damaging the hair structure. 

  • The OC Series, from $71
    • The combination of gentle blonde boar with nylon bristles sees these oval detangling brushes glide effortlessly through the most tangly of fine, fragile locks without snagging or damage. The pneumatic rubber cushion prevents pulling or breakage. Made of mahogany with an anti-microbial cork handle, the 3 brushes in this series are ideal for daily styling. For fine hair, we particularly recommend the OC6 as its blonde bristles are slightly softer for the gentlest of brushing.  
  • Ibiza GL7 Gold Detangling Hair Brush, $225 
    • This is the Mac Daddy of dressing brushes for fine hair. Gold-plated and handmade in Italy, this glossy model is 100% boar bristle mixed with scalp-stimulating transparent nylon. The bristles effortlessly distribute natural oils for shiny hair, prepping and conditioning fine hair like a treatment would. It’s not suitable for use with a blow dryer, designed instead to gently massage your scalp while you brush. It’s great for updos, rollers and grooming. Put it on the wish list!  
  • Ibiza B2 Hairbrush, $53 
    • This 5-star-rated brush builds body and volume for short, fine hair. The smaller barrel allows you to create body and volume from the roots of fine, thinning hair right down to the ends. This is salon-standard for achieving the ultimate TikTok-worthy blow-dry finish at home. The 35mm barrel effortlessly creates loose waves and fullness for shorter hair lengths while the blonde bristles deliver epic shine without damaging delicate, fine locks.   “One of the best brushes I’ve ever used. Beautiful, smooth result,” says one reviewer.  

  • Ibiza EX4, $73
    • If you’re a blow dry master, this Ibiza hairbrush is for you. With an extended handle and 65mm barrel, this hair tool is designed specifically for creating volume at the crown of the head for medium to long hair, including fine hair types. Its extra dense reinforced boar bristles, featherlight weight and easy manoeuvrability deliver high-performance styling.   

Our favourite wet brushes for fragile, fine hair 

Hair is at its most vulnerable to breakage and damage while wet. The best ways to avoid snagging and breaking is to brush your hair with a boar bristle brush before you jump in the shower and use one specially designed for use on wet hair while you’re in there to detangle and distribute your mask or conditioner.  

  • Ibiza’s Contour Vent Hair Brush $49
    • Like a shiatsu massage for your scalp. The blend of boar bristles and soft ball-tipped nylon bristles, with its unique flexible geometric design moulds to the shape of the head to effortlessly detangle and smooth the finest, most sensitive of hair. This baby will never pull - a vital bonus point when dealing with fine and thinning hair. It can be used on all hair types, wet or dry.  

  • Ibiza Airwave brush $55  
    • This mega multi-purpose brush can be used before, during or after a shower, swim, or back basin. It’s heat-resistant so you can use it for blow drying. Anti-static so your fine hair won’t get frizzy or fly away. One of those Ibiza hair brushes that’s hard to live without!  
  • Ibiza CX8 $106
    • Literally a steel hedgehog of a brush! Its looks are deceiving - as the rounded metal pins are actually incredibly gentle and efficient for detangling super long or fine hair. Flexible and comfortable on the scalp, the long pins give texture and bounce to the hair.


The go-to hair combs for detangling and defining fine hair

These beauties are too cute to be relegated to the shower! We keep ‘em in our handbags, gym bags, beach bags, or on display on the bathroom shelf. 

  • Gold Wave Comb, $58 
    • Glittery and gorgeous, this wave-shaped gliding comb has wide, hand-polished teeth which make short work of knotty fine hair. Being metal, it’s ideal for applying products as it interacts with metals in your hair for even distribution. “We love using it to define and separate our bouncy blow-outs in the salon, especially on fine-haired clients as stops the blow dry falling flat” Monique adds.   

  • Scented Detangling comb, $36 
    • Love these lemon or rose-scented cuties! Not just a gimmick, they leave a little whiff of the Mediterranean in your hair as they make short work of any tangles. Suitable for all hair types as well as fine, these graphite combs are great for combing through heat protectants or UV spray through wet hair on the beach or by the pool.  

Alongside beautiful brushes - remember to use high-quality care products to protect and strengthen. Fine hair doesn’t cope with the same heat levels, chemicals or environmental factors as thicker hair. Use a spray-in detangler like Christophe Robin Hydrating mist with aloe vera, or a light leave-in finishing cream like Larry King’s Social Life for your Hair which will help your brush glide through and prevent any breakage.  


I’ve only had time to do one blowout with this brush but results were phenomenal. Hair was soft and shiny, and the brush is incredibly light so no arm fatigue. Loved it!!

Review by Jennifer B. on 15 Mar 2021