Skin that's glowing, plump in the best way and positively radiating with health and happiness. A big fat hairy goal for many of us - and an annoyingly hard to reach beacon in the distance.

Yes, we know that warm water with lemon, celery juice, a bucket of kimchee, morning face massages and a daily thimble of kefir, and a maybe a tongue scrape will get our inner beauties humming with joy - and our skin to surely follow. BUT, if that's gone out the window and you're back to scratch (Hello, Monday old friend) then its worth reaching for Beauty Department.

Established by brilliant make up artist and glow-y skin aficionado Nadine Monley, this beautifully minimalist skin regime will have you looking sun-kissed and fresh even if you're not feeling it.  

Nadine launched Beauty Dept a few years after realising there weren't any gradual tanners on the market that ticked her fussy, MUA-approved boxes - they were all too orange toned, or didn't smell great or came gussied up with an unreadable list of ingredients that flashed their toxic little eyes at her.  Summer was born. This fresh, florally fragranced gradual tanning cream had not a nasty in its pure, Aussie made formula; just a blend of natural ingredients and essential oils, selected for their abilities to lift the spirits, kiss the skin with colour and protect our oceans with their footprint free production methods. 

As you can imagine, Nadine's model mates fell head over heels in love with her Summer scented beauty and swooned about it all over the social stratosphere.

Next up came Man Tan, a swarthy, citrus scented hunk of a tanner, that deposits the perfect amount of nonchalant 'I'm naturally this colour' colour on the skin. A favourite with any gender in fact, Man Tan is a winner. Rosemary, mandarin peel, macadamia oil and a heady touch of patchouli make for a very zesty application experience that's out of this world.  Also worth mentioning that it's pretty hard to apply badly too, very rarely have we seen a glaring tide mark after using either Man Tan or Summer - in part down to its 'buildable' nature, you want to layer up the tone over a few days until you hit your perfect shade. 

Not satisfied with just tan, Nadine introduced Beauty Dept's first cleansing product - Hydrate.  After years of being tormented by the wastage and questionable quality of the disposable skin wipes available on the market, Nadine developed her own unique multi-purpose formula that focused on her passion for natural oils as a cleansing method for all skin types.  Hydrate Oil Cleansing pads will gently and cleanly lift away any impurities and make up from the skin, without stripping it or leaving it feeling tight. The oil residue from the pads can then be massaged back into the skin, side stepping the need for an additional serum or cream. 

In true make up artists style, Nadine also uses Hydrate as a primer for under make-up, leaving a perfectly hydrated canvas on which to work her magic. 

We've also had lots of reports back on how effective Hydrate is for clearing up sensitive skin and improving mild acne conditions. Win. 

Word on the street is that there's another variation of Nadine's gorgeous oil pads currently in development - watch this space Beauties! 


PS NO Beauty Department products are tested on animals, or contain any synthetics, parabens or PEGS. Packaging is biodegradable, and the tubes and containers are fully recyclable. Ocean safe.  Made in Australia.  


I’ve only had time to do one blowout with this brush but results were phenomenal. Hair was soft and shiny, and the brush is incredibly light so no arm fatigue. Loved it!!

Review by Jennifer B. on 15 Mar 2021