We won't lie, we've been waiting for this beauty to arrive for a long time! It's finally here, and we've tested in rigorously day in, day out at QUE Colour to check it lives up to the hype. 

It does. 

If your hair is long, dry, coloured, curly or frizzy, this hybrid serum is your NBF. 

Enriched with the omega-powered oils cold pressed from the prickly pear seed and the amino acid-rich nutrition from sustainable farmed Tucuma butter from the Amazon, this creamy but light formula can be used on damp or dry hair to smooth, nourish and illuminate every day. 

♥︎ Its hybrid nature means that you can smooth it on for several different purposes; to protect your hair from the damage caused by heat tools,  

♥︎ as a de-frizzer 

♥︎  to tame flyaways and baby hairs 

We tapped up Monique Mcmahon, Que Colour founder and Christophe Robin national ambassador for her tips on how to get the best out of the new Regenerating serum with prickly pear oil

"Wash and apply a nourishing hair mask or treatment, combing it through to free it of any knots before rinsing. Towel off your hair, patting - not rubbing - away the dampness so as not to damage hair (always more vulnerable and prone to breakage when wet) Apply 2- 3 pumps of Christophe’s regenerating serum into your palms, rubbing them together to warm and emulsify.

Using a patting motion, apply the serum to the hair from shoulders down - really pushing the product into the hair using a patting motion. Then pull though to the ends, again pushing and patting the serum into the cuticle as you would apply a skin serum. IF needed, use another pump and apply from the art down using the same technique. Dry and style. Apply a small amount to the hair once dry to smooth out any flyaways.  

Christophe’s always been big on drying hair properly - check out video here that Christophe shot with Into the Gloss a while back. So obvious, but such a game changer." 
Have a look at Monique's post on @quecolour here to see the results.  
The serum, like so many other products in Christophe's range - think the cult Purifying scrub with sea salt or the muddy magic of his cleansing volume treatment with rassoul clay - has a really unique texture, small and application method which sets it apart. More like skin care than haircare, the meticulous ingredients in the formula are selected to deliver that must-have glassy finish, without resorting to silicones. By pressing the serum into the hair shaft, these ingredients are more easily absorbed and can deliver nutrients straight to where its needed most.   
X MCM Beauty X 


I’ve only had time to do one blowout with this brush but results were phenomenal. Hair was soft and shiny, and the brush is incredibly light so no arm fatigue. Loved it!!

Review by Jennifer B. on 15 Mar 2021