As is so often the case, our darling earth mother has the answers to some of life's trickier conundrums like 'how do I keep my shiny, new colour looking shiny and new once I get home?' 

'Dig deep,' she might say. 'Forage for nuts, seeds and berries for the solution'

More specifically, you'd need to track down macadamia nuts from our Australian shores and the zesty camu-camu fruit from the Amazon. These beauties, esteemed for centuries for their super powers, will do wonders for prolonging the vitality of your new hue.   

Macadamia oils' luscious richness nourishes your hair in the same way it does your skin and your body. Camu-camu's intense anti-oxidant quotient delivers a citrus scented punch of vitamins and minerals to your follicles that'll leave them luminous and glossy. 

Put the two ingredients together and you have a collab made in hair heaven. Their combined pH level sits on the more acid end of the scale, sealing chemical colour into the hair shaft and preventing fade from oxidation or environmental stress factors like sun, wind, salt as well as those triggered by pollution and product build-up. 

Christophe Robin harnesses these powerhouses into a potent pair of colour care products, specially created to keep salon-fresh colour looking exactly that.  What they deliver is luminous, glossy colour that doesn't budge, instead fortifying fragile, chemically treated hair so it glows with health, elasticity and manageability.  

What do we think? 

Christophe Robin's Colour Shield shampoo and conditioner is not created with equality in mind. It will NOT work for you if you've got virgin locks, untouched by a colourists deft foil and artists eye for light and shadow.  But, if you've fallen for the life-brightening, eye-popping allure of getting your colour done professionally; once, twice or numerous times, then you'll understand and appreciate the delicate balance that this nourishing hair-pair dance.

Your well-earned colour deserves custom hair care to keep it looking tip-top. 

We are pretty certain Christophe's Paris -formulated, colourist-tested Colour Shield shampoo and conditioner will swiftly become your can't-live-without care pair (and your colourist will be ever so grateful too) 



I’ve only had time to do one blowout with this brush but results were phenomenal. Hair was soft and shiny, and the brush is incredibly light so no arm fatigue. Loved it!!

Review by Jennifer B. on 15 Mar 2021